Met many local residents but Shanawaz Mallah a differently abled young man …

@famsheerin @BBhuttoZardari our political difference asid, these photos are lovely. Let’s hope you really do have a great heart. All the best ”

@naurose1 @BBhuttoZardari i dun really understand! even after watching the pathetic condition of these poor people you guys don’t do anything. Shame! “

Mr Tariq raised his voice against the division in the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and advised about the 18 October Jalsa and showed anger against the PML N Government …

” ‏@farooqui_tariq @BBhuttoZardari ppp young leadership shud revolt against status quo supporters in ppp n take charge of all policy matters”

” ‏@farooqui_tariq @asadullahgilgit @BBhuttoZardari on 18th oct talk about people related issues terrorism sectarianism worse law n order poverty illetracy 1/2 ”

” corruption lack of governance inaction of parliament rigging pml n non governance badshahat of shareefs 2/2 “


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