What PPP did in #Thar ? part-1



Have you heard the voices blaming PPP and Bilawal Bhutto Zardari for the drought in Thar ? – YES you did ! but have you heard the positive steps taken by the PPP’s Sindh Government in Thar, – NO you didn’t ! Why ? – Because The Bosses – The rating hungry media Tycoons don’t want you to know that information, their priorities are something else and people says its only the benefit of theirs payers, they don’t care about the objective criteria of journalism and right now their radars of criticism are only on two provinces out of four.

Surendar Valasai from Thar questioned the credibility of the media !

And more about the exaggeration, bias and false reporting of the media ….

What PPP did in Thar ?

Dr Mahesh Malani the president and the member of provincial Assembly and Ex-Parliamentarian shared some important information about the initiatives taken by the Sindh Government in Tharparkar

Dr Mahesh Malani

November 8 & 9 2014

  • 150 medical dispensaries established out of which 70 medical dispensaries have been handed over to the department, 6 RHCs, 4 BHUs, have been established.
  • 1000 shelterless schools have been granted buildings
  • 52 primary to middle school upgraded, 26 middle school upgraded as high schools, 2 high schools upgraded to higher secondary schools.
  • Current year, 291 children had been shifted and admitted in Hyderabad and Karachi hospitals on Government expenditure.
  •  80 big villages have been provided with R.O Plants having capacity of converting 75000 gallons of water per day.
  • The Govt. of Sindh has sanctioned 750 R.O Plants with the capacity of 10000 gallons of water per day. Out of which 325 R.O in process of being construction
  • cost 600 million rupees: a water supply scheme from Islamkot to Nagarparkar has been initiated the work in progress.
  • cost of 10 billion rupees: a pucca road is in progress from Wango to Thar Coal area.
  • cost of 2 billion rupees: a water supply scheme from Nabisar to Thar Coal area has been initiated, the work is in progress.
  • 600 millions rupees: for electricity for 80 villages of Tharparkar.
  • 5000 employments orders, on merit basis have been given to youth of Tharparkar, benefiting 1.5 lac people.
  • More than 254000 families provided with free of cost wheat, 50 k.g each family for four times
  • 25000 families were provided free packets of food, 10 k.g each family.
  • R.O Plants are working for Taluka hospitals of Mithi, Chhachhro, Islamkot, Nangarparkar and Diplo.
  • Lady doctors and child specialist have been appointed in Civil Hospital Mithi.

Andd More ….

Some of the works done by PPP’s Sindh Government in Thar, focusing the development of poor masses, investing on human & rural development

  • Distributed 120,000 wheat bags of 100 kg each worth Rs420 million among drought-affected and sick people in Thar
  • Rs 200,000 compensation for each recent death in Thar
  • Provided jobs to 6,000 people and lay a water supply line from Islamkot to Nangarparkar
  • Initiated work on 1100 kilometre long roads in Tharparkar
  • Established more than 200 medical dispensaries in district Tharparkar
  • 80+ reverse osmosis filtration plants, electrification schemes worth abv Rs 400 million and other development schemes worth Rs 100m will be done
  • Tharparkar was getting the highest allocation of Rs 2 Billion in the head of the district  ADP after Karachi, whose allocation was Rs 3 Billion
  • After the drought Rs1 billion more for the Mirpurkhas development package and directed the officers concerned to initiate work
  • Installation of 200 solar-based reverse osmosis (RO) plants in this ADP 2014-15
  • A medical college was being established in Mirpurkhas at a cost of more than Rs 2 Billion
  • 128 Doctors (45 men and 83 lady doctors) for six districts appointed after the drought in Thar for the better health treatment
  • 9 pediatricians, 4 chest specialists, 14 female Medical Officers , 22 male Medical Officers , 43 surgeons, gynecologist are Appointed to facilitate health

    read more …

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