Feb 25, 1967 I have been accused of imbalancing the foreign policy. I am accused of taking the country too far towards China and thus unbalancing the foreign policy and bringing about a deterioration in Pakistan-USA relations.


I am grateful to the Young Lawyers’ Circle for the honour they have conferred on me by inviting me to address them this evening. The day before yesterday I addressed a similar function of young students here in this hotel, in this place and in this very room. This indicates stability!

We all want political stability and want to contribute towards it. What exactly is meant by political stability? Stability in a political sense is an important term. It means stability in policy, a particular point of view which is tested and whose results are known. What the nation and the people need now is a permanence in policy, a permanence in ideology and a permanence in approach which cannot be found in elusiveness. It would not be a permanence in approach if we want a unitary government and end up with a federal or quasi-federal type.

All of us…

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