A message of hope, deliverance and bright morning !


Conventions on PPP Founding Day for stock taking and soul searching

Islamabad, November 29, 2014: This year the Pakistan People’s Party is celebrating its founding day by holding conventions of party workers for stock taking and soul searching as well as reiterating our commitment to the ideals for the pursuit of which the Party was founded by Shaheeed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.

This has been stated by the Co-Chairman PPP former President Mr. Asif Ali Zardari said in a message on the 47th founding day of the Party on November 30.

“On this founding day we reiterate that all power belongs to the people and they alone are empowered to bring about political change through ballot. The party will not permit anyone to impose any peculiar political or ideological agenda through brute force behind the facade of religion. The party is also conscious of threats to democracy in the name of democracy itself and is determined to foil them”. Our founding principles ‘Democracy is our politics’ and ‘All power to the people’ are ingrained in the consciousness of the people and will never be erased, he said.

Mr. Zardari said that the PPP mission is that of hope, of emancipation, of alleviating poverty, of rejecting the self styled custodians of morality and ideology and of upholding human dignity. In the pursuit of this mission our two Chairpersons and countless workers have laid down their lives, he said.

The Party was born during the epic struggle against dictatorship and it is proud of its record of fighting against all forms of dictatorships, be it military or civilian in character. While the threat of imposition of direct dictatorship may appear to have receded we are not unmindful of the other forms of threats to democracy that rear their ugly heads from time to time. The PPP is aware of such threats and is ready to fight against them, he said.

On this occasion we also pay homage to the leaders and workers of the Party who have made enormous sacrifices in the course of our historic struggle, the PPP Co-Chairman said.  It is a matter of historical record as well as abiding national shame that while these political workers were fighting and suffering for democratic ideals there were also those in the state institutions who colluded with the dictators, took oath of allegiance and provided them cover, he said. This makes the sacrifices of our workers even more glorious. The Party salutes all these valiant workers for their dedication, commitment and sacrifices made for the cause. The Party would not have been standing tall today without their sacrifices, he said.

“On this occasion my message to the people and party workers is the message of hope, of deliverance, of human dignity and respect and of a bright morning that awaits the people”, the former President said.

Spokesperson senator Farhatullah Babar said that two sessions of the convention will be held in Bilawal House Lahore which will be attended by workers and party officials from all over the country. The session on November 30 will be attended by party workers and leaders from Punjab including South Punjab while the workers and office bearers from all other provinces, Azad Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan and tribal areas will form part of the convention on December 2. All members of the central executive committee of the party have been directed to be available at both sessions of the convention, he said.

courtesy: Media cell PPP

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