@jvqazi this country needs @BBhuttoZardari at this critical juncture !

Javed Ahmed Qazi

Javed Ahmed Qazi is a Lawyer by profession and columnist by passion.

Javed Ahmed Qazi writes for Roznama Express, Sindh Express and some time for The Friday Times he want Bilawal Bhutto Zardari to come back because Pakistan need him, some of his messages/thoughts (via twitter ) for Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari are ….

  • This country needs you at this critical juncture of its history
  • It was Bilawal Bhutto took the task of introducing Indus civilization and told us we were more civilized than Arabs
  • Bilawal was maligned by Taliban’s collaborators, history proves him, he is truly a man more than cowards who take queue from Talibans
  • But this is very unfortunate the Party taking seats from Sindhis is not reflecting to the aspiration of SIndhis at this critical juncture
  • Bilawal is not apologist, he is not appeaser, he doesn’t soft soap, he is most clear in his position against the present narrative of Pakistan
  • If PPP acts this way on the most important issue, it will soon will become history
  • Bilawal is needed here at this juncture of history of Pakistan, else PPP will become history
  • too much silence at this juncture by Bilawal is not good for his political career

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