Zardari to inaugurate Asia’s biggest RO plant in Mithi


  • A whopping Rs5.4 billion allocation has been made by the provincial government for the project
  • The Sindh government plans to install 300 reverse osmosis (RO)
  • The number of the ROs already made operational is 150
  • 750 plants had been procured along with solar system and allied equipment
  • ‘Asia’s largest (capacity-wise) RO water filter plant’ , a 2 mgd (million gallon per day)
  • It has a treating capacity of 4,000 to 15,000 PPM of total dissolved solids (TDS)
  • “It is solar energy that matters here in this region as it makes operation of ROs cost effective,” says PPP Senator Taj Hyder
  • The biggest RO plant at Misri Shah RO has been established at a cost of Rs300 million
  • Smaller plants having a capacity of 10,000 gallons per day have been set up across the region at a cost of around Rs2.5 million each.
  • Chhachhro taluka and certain other parts of Thar will now get great relief
  • It is to be inaugurated on Wednesday by Pakistan Peoples Party co-chairman and former president of the country Asif Ali Zardari


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Pakistan Peoples Party: News updates


MITHI: Sahji, an elderly resident of Chhahu village in Chachhro taluka of Tharparkar, walks up to a water reservoir in Sanwaryo-jo-Par, located about one kilometre away from her village, to fill a few buckets tied to the back of a donkey and take them home.

It’s her daily routine. The water available to the people living in villages surrounding the reservoir for drinking and all other purposes is untreated. It is supplied through a pipeline originating from a canal in Kunri.

But the population of Chhachhro taluka and certain other parts of Thar will now get great relief not only from a shortage of the most essential commodity but also from water-borne diseases as the region these days is witnessing a brisk activity in the water sector.

The Sindh government plans to install 300 reverse osmosis (RO) plants in water-starved regions of the province by February. The number of the…

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