#PPP Karachi Gathered To Pay Tribute To Shaheed Abdullah Murad!


The workers of PPP from Karachi and district Thatta gathered to pay tribute to “Sher-e-Malir” Shaheed Abdullah Murad Baloch on his 11th death Anniversary, it was like a black day for the people of Malir because The Maliris loved Shaheed Abdullah Murad because of  his unique leadership qualities, courage, vision, and the Junoon of Bhuttoism. He really cared for the people of Malir and worked for there health, education and jobs. Indeed it was one of the greatest loss for the people of Malir and PPP, he was a true ” Bhutto Ka Sipahi “. Shaheed Abdullah Murad we will never forget you ….

It was well managed by District Malir workers and i congratulate them for that great effort. The spirit among the workers was high and the crowd was good but it was not like previous one, there are some issues in District Malir that the top leadership need to address otherwise it won’t be good for the party. Malir is the Qila-e-Bhutto and division among the workers isn’t good.

Message of Mohtarma Adee Faryall Talpur on the 11th Death Anniversary of Shaheed Abdullah Murad!


few clicks from the Barsi, click on the image for the slideshow!
venue: Jam Eleven Football Stadium, Jam Goth Malir, Karachi

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