Croatia: Playing Politics With Hunger


◘ Croatia’s Child Poverty Is Alarming – UNICEF

◘ world food prices have jumped 85% since 2005 and Croatia is not excluded from this formula

◘ UNICEF’s 2014 report “Children of Recession” had placed Croatia’s levels of children living in poverty and at the brink of poverty at alarming levels

◘ Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic branded the reports of hunger in Croatia as populist and simply denied any truth to the reports of hungry children in Croatia

◘ the Prime Minister chose to label the product of poverty – hunger – as populism can only find an answer in the fact that it is Election year in Croatia

◘ Milanka Opacic Minister for social welfare : it’s by a huge majority the Roma children and foreign citizens who do not qualify for social welfare in Croatia that are hungry

◘ Milanka Opacic Minister for social welfare : an extra 24 million Kuna (cca 3.2 million EURO) has now been earmarked to cater for warm meals for school children primarily

◘ Milanka Opacic Minister for social welfare : Many local governments in Croatia already subsidise school meals in their areas and the extra 24 million will be enough to satisfy the needs of all

◘ unacceptable for a minister of a government to accept “looser criteria” in the area of distributing government/taxpayer funds to the needy

◘ it’s Election year in Croatia and it seems that the governing Social Democrats are more interested in reaching more voters within the communities, whose job will be to go out and identify families for this additional school-meal assistance

◘ The ideal winner of the announced tenders for organisations who would be given the task of distributing the extra 3.2 million EURO would be those charitable organisations that can deliver with the least or minimal operating/administration costs eating into the funds provided

Croatia, the War, and the Future

Croatian children school lunch

There’s a worldwide consensus that after many years of stability, world food prices have jumped 85% since 2005 and Croatia is not excluded from this formula. The alarming levels of unemployment due to eroded manufacturing industry, production – closure of production plants and widespread corruption in the privatisation of manufacturing firms – have long ago prompted many a warning of a looming purchase power crisis in Croatia that could only lead to poverty and hunger.

At the end of the food chain comes the real crunch: among the poor, particularly the urban poor as people living in towns and cities cannot grow and produce food, those most likely to go hungry are children. If young children remain malnourished for more than two years, the consequence is stunted growth – and stunted growth is not merely a physical condition. Stunted people are not just shorter than they would have been; their…

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