On the road of energy efficient Sindh #ThankYouPPP for the Wind Power


►► Proparco – the private sector arm of the French Development Agency (AFD)

  • ◘ $20 million to support a new wind farm in Sindh
  • ◘ 50-megawatt facility northeast of Karachi
  • ◘ create job: around 500 during the construction phase and 50 on a long term basis
  • ◘ environmentally-friendly source of power

download Reference: Expressed Tribune

►► Gul Ahmed Wind Power and Tenaga Generasi Limited

  • ◘ both the companies will provide 100 megawatts of wind electricity
  • ◘ direct investment of $247 million and create job opportunities in the province
  • ◘ Sindh government facilitated project developers to ease the energy crisis
  • ◘ Gul Ahmed Wind Power has been allocated 647 acres in the Jhimpir wind corridor and the company will install 25 state-of-the-art German wind turbines of 2.5MW each
  • ◘ generate 158 gigawatt hours (GWh) per annum from 2016 to 2036
  • ◘ Tenaga Generasi will install 31 turbines of 1.6MW, made by General Electric, in Taluka Mirpur Sakro with an investment of $120 million
  • ◘ annual energy output from the project will be 134.42 GWh

download Reference: Expressed Tribune


► ► Zorlu Energy Pakistan, Jhimpir Wind Power Plant

  • ◘ phase I : five Turkish-made gearless VENSYS 62 wind turbines each capable of producing 1.2 MW were installed to generate 6 MW power in April 2009
  • ◘ phase II : 28 more wind turbines of 1.8 MW capacity each, supplied by Vestas of Denmark were installed to produce a total of 50.4 MW electricity
  • ◘ in july 2013 started to sell power to the Pakistani national power distribution company, around 56.4 MW
  • ◘ total cost of project is $143 million
  • wind farm located at Jhimpir in Thatta District of Sindh

download (1) reference: Wikipediabbbbb

►►HydroChina and Dawood Power Limited – Gharo, Sindh

  • ◘  50-megawatt wind power project
  • ◘  An investment of $130 million
  • ◘  Sindh government has allocated 1,720 acres of land

download Reference: Expressed Tribune

►► Vestas Wind Systems


  • ◘ Vestas will provide engineering and technical services to the Government of Sindh, undertaking developmental activities for 100 MW wind farm initially which can be expanded further to 300 MW in later stages
  • ◘ Vestas will also participate in equity and arrange debt financing for the project with assistance from the Embassy of Denmark.

newlogo Refrence : Daily Capital


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