Darawat Dam Project #ThankYouPPP @BBhuttoZardari


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Darawat Dam site is located at about 70 Km West of Hyderabad and 135 Kms from East of Karachi, across Nai Baran River near Jhangri village in Jamshoro District of Sindh Province

  • Darawat Dam will irrigate 50,000 acres of land
  • bring socio-economic development in remote areas of Sindh
  • constructed at the cost of Rs 9.3 Billion
  • It would store 121,600 acre feet of flood water
  • provide employment opportunities and emancipation for the women
  • 820 feet long and 141 feet high
  • helped creating 4,500 employment opportunities during the construction, operation and its maintenance
  • Provision of water for domestic/ drinking purpose
    Provide recreational facilities

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read more about this project please click below[PDF FORMAT FILE]

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