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PPP Gilgit Baltistan – Image Gallery @BBhuttozardari

Pakistan Peoples Party KPK – The Highlights

PSF Malakand Division Meeting

PPP workers convention Karak KPK


PTI President Nowshera Cantt  Shah Zeb with his cabinet Members joined PPP

PPP workers convention Kohat KPK

kohat3 kohat4 KOHAT2 kohat1

Nawabzada Aurangzeb khan hoti joined PPP

PSF Peshawar Demonstration

Annual Teacher convention at Upper Dir


Group Photo of the newly elected PPP Labor wing

Meeting Session of PPP PYO & PSF North Waziristan


PSF Peshawar University

PMLN  leader Bahtawar khan joined PPP

Peoples Lawyers forum meeting Taimargar KPK

Jalsa at Dera Ismail Khan

PSF Rally Dera Ismail Khan

psfdi khan

PSF students guidance camp at Gomal University

Press Release PSF Elections Malakand Division KPK

2 1

PSF University of Swat



Bilawal Town Lakki Marwat KPK

PSF meeting at Dera Ismail Khan for Local Bodies Election


PPPP forms committees for Local Bodies Polls


◘ co-Chairman @AAliZardari directed the Party to gear itself for the local bodies elections

◘ committees will head hunt potential candidates for the local elections

◘ initially the committees have been set up for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and central and south Punjab


Pakistan Peoples Party Official

Islamabad March 14, 2015: Pakistan People’s Party has formed Committees for the forthcoming local bodies’ polls in the country.

Spokesperson Senator Farhatullah Babar said that the committees have been set up after the Party’s Co-Chairman in a meeting with Party cadres from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Saturday directed the Party to gear itself for the local bodies’ elections.

He said that the committees will head hunt potential candidates for the local elections and also assist the provincial cadres in drawing up election strategies including alliances if needed.

Initially the committees have been set up for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and central and south Punjab. The LB polls committee for Central Punjab comprises of Raja Pervez Ashraf, Syed Nayyer Hussain Bukhari, Raja Riaz Ahmad, Nadeem Afzal Chan, Khurram Jahangir Wattoo, Rana Farooq Saeed and Nadeem Asghar Kaira.

The Committee for South Punjab comprises of Makhdoom Ahmad Mahmood, Makhdoom Irtaza Hussain, Khawaja Rizwan Alam and Haider…

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When @nasirjamall met @NadeemAfzalChan Q/A


SEASONED Pakistan Peoples Party politician from Punjab Nadeem Afzal Chan contested, and lost, the recent Senate elections running on a general seat from his home province. He talked to Dawn about the rationale behind the move, despite the PPP’s limited numbers in the provincial assembly, and the overall condition of the party in Punjab.

Q. What were the reasons behind your decision to contest for the Senate from Punjab where your party and its ally, the Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid, didn’t have enough numbers to win?

A. We did not want to leave the field open for the PML-Nawaz. So we decided to go for it knowing that we did not have the required number of votes [in the Punjab Assembly] to win. We all know that the mandate the PML-N boasts of is not genuine; we wanted to expose its fake mandate. And we have done it.

When we went into the election we had 16 votes — eight each of the PPP and PML-Q — in hand. But I polled 27 votes on election day. These included three votes of independent members and eight of PML-N members. Three of my votes [cast by PML-N members] were declared invalid. And then there were seven-eight ballots left blank by the PML-N MPAs. So you see a small revolt brewing in the PML-N against its party leadership just because we didn’t leave the field open for it.

Also, when we decided to contest for the Punjab Senate seat some thought that we could lose our members in the provincial assembly to the ruling party. But that did not happen. Instead we were able to obtain more votes than our existing strength in the house. This shows the PPP is united. You cannot say the same for the N-League.

Q. In Punjab you chose to contest although you did not have the numerical strength for it. But in Sindh the PPP entered into a pre-poll arrangement with the MQM on sharing the seats between them. You actually gave the MQM more than its share. Don’t you see contradictions in the party policies being pursued in Punjab and Sindh?

A. Not at all. In Sindh we gave the MQM its share from that province. This shows that the PPP wanted a smooth and fair election. Also, we wanted every party to have representation in the Senate according to its strength in the assemblies. In Punjab, the PML-N did not give the opposition parties their due share. That’s why we challenged it.

The opposition deserved to get one seat on the basis of their numbers in the provincial assembly. The PML-N should have offered the seat to it even if the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf had decided not to participate in the Senate election from Punjab.

Q. Did your party talk to the PTI to convince it to return to the provincial assembly to block the PML-N’s clean sweep?

A. We did; they declined.

Q. With the PTI staying away from the Senate election in Punjab, the chances of the opposition winning were next to none. Was it your own choice to fight the losing battle or did the party decide it for you?

A. It was both. I wanted to contest and the party gave me the ticket. There were others — Manzoor Wattoo, Qamar Zaman Kaira, Haider Zaman and Malik Hakmeen Khan — who had applied for the ticket in the hope that the PML-N would dole out the seat to the PPP. However, I knew that neither [former president Asif Ali] Zardari will telephone Nawaz Sharif [to ask for this favour], nor would the PML-N agree to such a suggestion.

Maybe the PML-N would have offered the seat to the PPP if someone else and not I were in the contest. I cannot say.

Q. Why someone else but not you?

A. Because I’m the most vocal critic of the ruling party in the province.

Q. The process of Senate elections was marred by allegations of rigging, especially in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan. What is your assessment about Punjab?

A. I don’t think the polling process in Punjab was transparent enough. The ruling party did what it did to ensure the victory of all its candidates. The N-League leadership put pressure on its members to win all seats. Still some 11 ruling party members voted for me. It betrays existence of a deep rift within the PML-N. These fissures will deepen and become more obvious closer to the next general elections.

Q. Why has the PPP shunned popular politics?

A. The PPP hasn’t shunned popular politics. We know people aren’t happy with the party because the leadership could not go to the masses owing to terrorism threats. But when our leadership goes back to the people we’ll regain the lost ground. Bilawal is coming back home by April 4, the day his grandfather was hanged by Gen Zia. We will go into the local government election with full preparation and win. Don’t doubt the popularity of the PPP in Punjab.

Q. After the 2013 elections, there were some rumours that you planned to join the PTI. Did you ever consider this?

A. Never. Those who are used to the culture of the PPP cannot adjust in any other party.


NASIR JAMAL – Published in Dawn March 10th , 2015

‘Dissension within ‘N’ stands exposed’

khursheed shah

◘  dictatorial mindset of PMLN leadership
◘  11 PML-N members did not vote for the party candidates
◘  PML-N leadership should learn politics from Asif Ali Zardari
◘  PML-N Government should revisit its anti-people policies
◘  The PML-N leadership needs to give respect to its members.



Pakistan Peoples Party: News updates

Jeay Bhutto, Aik Zardari sab pe bhari slogans in Punjab Assembly. Jeay Bhutto, Aik Zardari sab pe bhari slogans in Punjab Assembly.
LAHORE: PPP leaders said on Thursday a good number of PML-N MPAs in Senate election in Punjab had revolted against the “dictatorial mindset” of their leadership by not casting vote in favour of party candidates.

Some 11 PML-N members did not vote for the party candidates. Instead they preferred to give vote to the PPP and PML-Q joint candidate, Nadeem Afzal Chan.

“Today a good number of PML-N MPAs expressed their distrust in their leadership by not casting votes in favour of party candidates. It shows the Sharifs are not running the party democratically,” PPP’s central Punjab president Manzoor Wattoo told Dawn.

Take a look: PPP, PML-Q make last-minute effort for Chan’s Senate bid

He said the PML-N leadership should learn politics from Asif Ali Zardari. “In the Senate election, the PPP made alliance with the MQM, PML-Q, ANP…

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PPP stands united, anyone claiming otherwise & speaking against the leadership is no friend of the party

PPP Workers Conventions in Nankana Sahib and Sheikhupura


• Workers Conventions of Nankana Sahib and Sheikhpura chapters – February 10 and February 11

• the people of Nankana would ensure that Nankana Sahib remained noted for being “the Larkana of the Punjab” – Rai Shah Jehan Bhatti-PPP election candidate




Pakistan Peoples Party: News updates


Mian Manzoor Ahmad Wattoo was accorded a rosy welcome by thousands of emotionally-charged workers upon his arrival in Sheikhpura. Mian Manzoor Ahmad Wattoo was accorded a rosy welcome by thousands of emotionally-charged workers upon his arrival in Sheikhpura.

Pakistan Peoples Party Nankana Sahib and Sheikhpura chapters organized workers Conventions on February 10 and February 11 to mobilize the party, to maintain close liaison with the party workers and to explain to the workers party policies, as well as listen to their views and address their grievances. These conventions were attended by a large number of workers.

Mian Manzoor Ahmad Wattoo addressing to the workers convention in Sheikhupura. Mian Manzoor Ahmad Wattoo addressing to the workers convention in Sheikhupura.

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Central President Punjab president Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo said in his speech at Nankana Sahib workers convention that former president Pervez Musharraf would be defeated in a manner reminiscent of former president Ziaul Haq in the by-elections for NA-137.

During the introductory part of his speeches, Mian Manzoor Ahmad Watttoo congratulated the office bearers and workers on the successful…

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@AAliZardari The person who amazes the world with his brilliance


A news that caught my attention was published on 19 January,2015 on Dunya News web site it was about Mr. Asif Ali Zardari,  the person who faces the biased and false propaganda with a smile and amazes the world with his brilliance.

(DUNYA NEWS) – Former president and co-chairman of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Asif Ali Zardari is not getting his pension of at least Rs 68,000 per month for at least 16 months. Reportedly, the departments concerned have dispatched as many as 12 letters to the President House for issuance of pension but nothing has been done is this regard.

According to the details, the basic pay of the president was Rs 80,000 per month and since the pension is at least the 85percent of the basic pay so he is entitled to at least Rs 68,000 per month.

According to the sources, the documents of pension of former president are being prepared however some documents have not been provided by Zardari. According to Senator Farhatullah Babar, Zardari used to distribute his pay in the staff of the President House. He said that he himself has not claimed for his pension.


Free education in #SZABIST for children of martyred Police Personnels in Sindh


Children of martyred police personals will get free education in Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute Science SZABIST and Technology. Former President Asif Ali Zardari announced that great news at Chief Minister House Sindh in a ceremony to pay tribute to the martyrs of Sindh Police and distributed cheques among legal heirs of Police martyrs and presented residential plots among the in-service police personnel. He paid rich tributes to brave policemen who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty

Former President Mr. Asif Ali Zardari expressed his heartfelt sympathies with the families of the martyred police personals and said that he would stand by the police and not let them feel alone in whatever the circumstances will be.


Former President also said that ..

  • Children of martyred police personnel will be given free education in SZABIST
  • We will not leave families of martyred personnel alone
  • PPP stands by the families of the martyrs and will meet their demands
  • I considers the children of slain policemen as my own
  • PPP government will fulfill all the needs of families of martyred policemen

Mr. Asif Ali Zardri presenting residential plots amongst the in-service police personnel

Zardari to inaugurate Asia’s biggest RO plant in Mithi


  • A whopping Rs5.4 billion allocation has been made by the provincial government for the project
  • The Sindh government plans to install 300 reverse osmosis (RO)
  • The number of the ROs already made operational is 150
  • 750 plants had been procured along with solar system and allied equipment
  • ‘Asia’s largest (capacity-wise) RO water filter plant’ , a 2 mgd (million gallon per day)
  • It has a treating capacity of 4,000 to 15,000 PPM of total dissolved solids (TDS)
  • “It is solar energy that matters here in this region as it makes operation of ROs cost effective,” says PPP Senator Taj Hyder
  • The biggest RO plant at Misri Shah RO has been established at a cost of Rs300 million
  • Smaller plants having a capacity of 10,000 gallons per day have been set up across the region at a cost of around Rs2.5 million each.
  • Chhachhro taluka and certain other parts of Thar will now get great relief
  • It is to be inaugurated on Wednesday by Pakistan Peoples Party co-chairman and former president of the country Asif Ali Zardari


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Pakistan Peoples Party: News updates


MITHI: Sahji, an elderly resident of Chhahu village in Chachhro taluka of Tharparkar, walks up to a water reservoir in Sanwaryo-jo-Par, located about one kilometre away from her village, to fill a few buckets tied to the back of a donkey and take them home.

It’s her daily routine. The water available to the people living in villages surrounding the reservoir for drinking and all other purposes is untreated. It is supplied through a pipeline originating from a canal in Kunri.

But the population of Chhachhro taluka and certain other parts of Thar will now get great relief not only from a shortage of the most essential commodity but also from water-borne diseases as the region these days is witnessing a brisk activity in the water sector.

The Sindh government plans to install 300 reverse osmosis (RO) plants in water-starved regions of the province by February. The number of the…

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