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The right Intention @SK_Paki

Do charity, but do it just for ALLAH, not for showing it to others

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Riding around the World for the Orphans #SponsorOrphanMile

Yes it’s real and they are doing it for the Orphans of Gaza and Pakistan, there fundraising focus is a round-the-world cycle ride, crossing 33 borders and over 12,000 miles. They are Mercy Worldwide & they have launched projects to build orphanages in the Middle East and Asian Sub-Continent.

Mercy Worldwide need our help, so please support the projects by donating whatever you can.  Your contribution will help children to take small steps towards rebuilding their futures.


To keep up with Mercy WorldwideTrust or any developments and progress follow them:

Instagram: Mercy_worldwide Twitter: @Mercy_Worldwide Facebook: CycleforPakistan website: http://www.mwtrust.com email : Info@mwtrust.com 10003608_351315001722596_1140014529700186237_o

Be More Giving



Good fortune is measured in good deeds

And not by bank accounts

giving bilawal says


Poetic Trials

Giving is the greatest deed

Open hands and open heart

Lending your time

To someone in need

Providing a shoulder

For a friend to lean on

Donating your hands

To a worldly cause

In a black and white world

It is good to provide color

To give light in dark times

To remember

Good fortune is measured in good deeds

And not by bank accounts

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