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‪#‎WhatDoesItTake‬ to protect the #childrenOfsyria?

Syria Crisis – 4 Years On

  • ◘ 14 million Children impacted by conflict in Syria & Iraq – UNICEF
  • ◘ the situation of more than 5.6 million children inside the country remains the most desperate
  • ◘ 2.6 million Syrian children are still out of school
  • ◘ 2 million Syrian children are living as refugees in Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan and other countries
  • ◘ 3.6 million children from vulnerable communities hosting refugees
  • ◘ crisis gripping Iraq has forced more than 2.8 million children from their homes, and left many trapped in areas controlled by armed groups
  • ◘ generation of young people is still in danger of being lost to a cycle of violence
  • ◘ Despite the upheaval caused by the conflict, children and young people continue to demonstrate incredible courage and determination
  • ◘ “Despite the harm they have suffered, the wrongs they have endured, and the apparent inability of adults to bring an end to this horrific conflict, the children affected by this crisis still have courage and determination to build better lives,”
  • ◘ “Seeing their determination, how can we be any less determined to help them? Knowing that they have not given up hope, how can we?” – UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake

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Alizah Iqbal Haider acting spokesperson for Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Ashura day message!

Alizeh Iqbal Haider spokeperson BBZ

Alizah Iqbal Haider(MNA) acting spokesperson for Chairman PPP issued statements on her twitter profile on Ashura day!

@AlizehIHaider his message on Yom e Ashur, PPP Chairman @BBhuttoZardari has urged Muslims to learn from the supreme sacrifices of Hazrat Imam Hussain

@BBhuttoZardari said that ISIS, TTP, Al-Qaeeda are today’s Yazids who are inflicting terror & pitting one Muslim against the other. @MediaCellPPP

@BBhuttoZardari: We have learnt from Karbala never to surrender before Yazid & remain unwavering in r struggle for triumph of good over evil

@BBhuttoZardari :This is not about conflict between Shias and Sunnis, this is an attack on Islam and it’s message of peace and tolerance

@BBhuttoZardari in my support for rights of women world over, & shall always speak the loudest against their persecution

@BBhuttoZardari : we will be the voice of minority communities all over the world and will fight for their rights. @BilawalHouseKhi

@BBhuttoZardari in remembrance of the Mazlooman e Karbala, I pledge to continue to struggle for the rights of oppressed, remain steadfast 1/2

@BBhuttoZardari today’s yazids wish to impose their bogus, vicious doctrines on us which have no connection with Islam, humanity or Hussaniyat

@BBhuttoZardari: we will continue our struggle against Yazidiyat & will not rest till we have destroyed the Yazids and Dajjals of our times.

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