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Be More Giving



Good fortune is measured in good deeds

And not by bank accounts

giving bilawal says


Poetic Trials

Giving is the greatest deed

Open hands and open heart

Lending your time

To someone in need

Providing a shoulder

For a friend to lean on

Donating your hands

To a worldly cause

In a black and white world

It is good to provide color

To give light in dark times

To remember

Good fortune is measured in good deeds

And not by bank accounts

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It’s Gratefullness that makes you Happy – David Steindl-Rast

Stumbled upon a video that i felt my responsibility to share with you it’s a video of Catholic Benedictine monk Brother David Steindl-Rast, in this video he offers a different path to happiness, he says

  A grateful world  is a world of joyful people and the grateful people are joyful people

and the path to happiness is the practice of being grateful and sharing your gratitude with others. In his view, happiness is yours if you’re mindful in the moment and “ stop, look, go ” to transform the world to make it a happy place.


David Steindl-Rast  : Interfaith Scholar

Addressing the needs of children affected by the Syrian crisis !

Stop Fighting, Start Talking – William Ury