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‪#‎WhatDoesItTake‬ to protect the #childrenOfsyria?

Syria Crisis – 4 Years On

  • ◘ 14 million Children impacted by conflict in Syria & Iraq – UNICEF
  • ◘ the situation of more than 5.6 million children inside the country remains the most desperate
  • ◘ 2.6 million Syrian children are still out of school
  • ◘ 2 million Syrian children are living as refugees in Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan and other countries
  • ◘ 3.6 million children from vulnerable communities hosting refugees
  • ◘ crisis gripping Iraq has forced more than 2.8 million children from their homes, and left many trapped in areas controlled by armed groups
  • ◘ generation of young people is still in danger of being lost to a cycle of violence
  • ◘ Despite the upheaval caused by the conflict, children and young people continue to demonstrate incredible courage and determination
  • ◘ “Despite the harm they have suffered, the wrongs they have endured, and the apparent inability of adults to bring an end to this horrific conflict, the children affected by this crisis still have courage and determination to build better lives,”
  • ◘ “Seeing their determination, how can we be any less determined to help them? Knowing that they have not given up hope, how can we?” – UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake

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Riding around the World for the Orphans #SponsorOrphanMile

Yes it’s real and they are doing it for the Orphans of Gaza and Pakistan, there fundraising focus is a round-the-world cycle ride, crossing 33 borders and over 12,000 miles. They are Mercy Worldwide & they have launched projects to build orphanages in the Middle East and Asian Sub-Continent.

Mercy Worldwide need our help, so please support the projects by donating whatever you can.  Your contribution will help children to take small steps towards rebuilding their futures.


To keep up with Mercy WorldwideTrust or any developments and progress follow them:

Instagram: Mercy_worldwide Twitter: @Mercy_Worldwide Facebook: CycleforPakistan website: http://www.mwtrust.com email : Info@mwtrust.com 10003608_351315001722596_1140014529700186237_o