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PPP Gilgit Baltistan – Image Gallery @BBhuttozardari

Pakistan Peoples Party KPK – The Highlights

PSF Malakand Division Meeting

PPP workers convention Karak KPK


PTI President Nowshera Cantt  Shah Zeb with his cabinet Members joined PPP

PPP workers convention Kohat KPK

kohat3 kohat4 KOHAT2 kohat1

Nawabzada Aurangzeb khan hoti joined PPP

PSF Peshawar Demonstration

Annual Teacher convention at Upper Dir


Group Photo of the newly elected PPP Labor wing

Meeting Session of PPP PYO & PSF North Waziristan


PSF Peshawar University

PMLN  leader Bahtawar khan joined PPP

Peoples Lawyers forum meeting Taimargar KPK

Jalsa at Dera Ismail Khan

PSF Rally Dera Ismail Khan

psfdi khan

PSF students guidance camp at Gomal University

Press Release PSF Elections Malakand Division KPK

2 1

PSF University of Swat



Bilawal Town Lakki Marwat KPK

PSF meeting at Dera Ismail Khan for Local Bodies Election


PPPP forms committees for Local Bodies Polls


◘ co-Chairman @AAliZardari directed the Party to gear itself for the local bodies elections

◘ committees will head hunt potential candidates for the local elections

◘ initially the committees have been set up for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and central and south Punjab


Pakistan Peoples Party Official

Islamabad March 14, 2015: Pakistan People’s Party has formed Committees for the forthcoming local bodies’ polls in the country.

Spokesperson Senator Farhatullah Babar said that the committees have been set up after the Party’s Co-Chairman in a meeting with Party cadres from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Saturday directed the Party to gear itself for the local bodies’ elections.

He said that the committees will head hunt potential candidates for the local elections and also assist the provincial cadres in drawing up election strategies including alliances if needed.

Initially the committees have been set up for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and central and south Punjab. The LB polls committee for Central Punjab comprises of Raja Pervez Ashraf, Syed Nayyer Hussain Bukhari, Raja Riaz Ahmad, Nadeem Afzal Chan, Khurram Jahangir Wattoo, Rana Farooq Saeed and Nadeem Asghar Kaira.

The Committee for South Punjab comprises of Makhdoom Ahmad Mahmood, Makhdoom Irtaza Hussain, Khawaja Rizwan Alam and Haider…

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The Love & Respect for the Chairmen @BBhuttoZardari – Slogans by @JeetuJamali


Sikander Jamali  @jeetuJamali (  Junoni Jiyala – Nokar E Bilawal Bhutto – Member #TeamBilawal – The Super Jiyala )

On the road of energy efficient Sindh #ThankYouPPP for the Wind Power


►► Proparco – the private sector arm of the French Development Agency (AFD)

  • ◘ $20 million to support a new wind farm in Sindh
  • ◘ 50-megawatt facility northeast of Karachi
  • ◘ create job: around 500 during the construction phase and 50 on a long term basis
  • ◘ environmentally-friendly source of power

download Reference: Expressed Tribune

►► Gul Ahmed Wind Power and Tenaga Generasi Limited

  • ◘ both the companies will provide 100 megawatts of wind electricity
  • ◘ direct investment of $247 million and create job opportunities in the province
  • ◘ Sindh government facilitated project developers to ease the energy crisis
  • ◘ Gul Ahmed Wind Power has been allocated 647 acres in the Jhimpir wind corridor and the company will install 25 state-of-the-art German wind turbines of 2.5MW each
  • ◘ generate 158 gigawatt hours (GWh) per annum from 2016 to 2036
  • ◘ Tenaga Generasi will install 31 turbines of 1.6MW, made by General Electric, in Taluka Mirpur Sakro with an investment of $120 million
  • ◘ annual energy output from the project will be 134.42 GWh

download Reference: Expressed Tribune


► ► Zorlu Energy Pakistan, Jhimpir Wind Power Plant

  • ◘ phase I : five Turkish-made gearless VENSYS 62 wind turbines each capable of producing 1.2 MW were installed to generate 6 MW power in April 2009
  • ◘ phase II : 28 more wind turbines of 1.8 MW capacity each, supplied by Vestas of Denmark were installed to produce a total of 50.4 MW electricity
  • ◘ in july 2013 started to sell power to the Pakistani national power distribution company, around 56.4 MW
  • ◘ total cost of project is $143 million
  • wind farm located at Jhimpir in Thatta District of Sindh

download (1) reference: Wikipediabbbbb

►►HydroChina and Dawood Power Limited – Gharo, Sindh

  • ◘  50-megawatt wind power project
  • ◘  An investment of $130 million
  • ◘  Sindh government has allocated 1,720 acres of land

download Reference: Expressed Tribune

►► Vestas Wind Systems


  • ◘ Vestas will provide engineering and technical services to the Government of Sindh, undertaking developmental activities for 100 MW wind farm initially which can be expanded further to 300 MW in later stages
  • ◘ Vestas will also participate in equity and arrange debt financing for the project with assistance from the Embassy of Denmark.

newlogo Refrence : Daily Capital

When @nasirjamall met @NadeemAfzalChan Q/A


SEASONED Pakistan Peoples Party politician from Punjab Nadeem Afzal Chan contested, and lost, the recent Senate elections running on a general seat from his home province. He talked to Dawn about the rationale behind the move, despite the PPP’s limited numbers in the provincial assembly, and the overall condition of the party in Punjab.

Q. What were the reasons behind your decision to contest for the Senate from Punjab where your party and its ally, the Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid, didn’t have enough numbers to win?

A. We did not want to leave the field open for the PML-Nawaz. So we decided to go for it knowing that we did not have the required number of votes [in the Punjab Assembly] to win. We all know that the mandate the PML-N boasts of is not genuine; we wanted to expose its fake mandate. And we have done it.

When we went into the election we had 16 votes — eight each of the PPP and PML-Q — in hand. But I polled 27 votes on election day. These included three votes of independent members and eight of PML-N members. Three of my votes [cast by PML-N members] were declared invalid. And then there were seven-eight ballots left blank by the PML-N MPAs. So you see a small revolt brewing in the PML-N against its party leadership just because we didn’t leave the field open for it.

Also, when we decided to contest for the Punjab Senate seat some thought that we could lose our members in the provincial assembly to the ruling party. But that did not happen. Instead we were able to obtain more votes than our existing strength in the house. This shows the PPP is united. You cannot say the same for the N-League.

Q. In Punjab you chose to contest although you did not have the numerical strength for it. But in Sindh the PPP entered into a pre-poll arrangement with the MQM on sharing the seats between them. You actually gave the MQM more than its share. Don’t you see contradictions in the party policies being pursued in Punjab and Sindh?

A. Not at all. In Sindh we gave the MQM its share from that province. This shows that the PPP wanted a smooth and fair election. Also, we wanted every party to have representation in the Senate according to its strength in the assemblies. In Punjab, the PML-N did not give the opposition parties their due share. That’s why we challenged it.

The opposition deserved to get one seat on the basis of their numbers in the provincial assembly. The PML-N should have offered the seat to it even if the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf had decided not to participate in the Senate election from Punjab.

Q. Did your party talk to the PTI to convince it to return to the provincial assembly to block the PML-N’s clean sweep?

A. We did; they declined.

Q. With the PTI staying away from the Senate election in Punjab, the chances of the opposition winning were next to none. Was it your own choice to fight the losing battle or did the party decide it for you?

A. It was both. I wanted to contest and the party gave me the ticket. There were others — Manzoor Wattoo, Qamar Zaman Kaira, Haider Zaman and Malik Hakmeen Khan — who had applied for the ticket in the hope that the PML-N would dole out the seat to the PPP. However, I knew that neither [former president Asif Ali] Zardari will telephone Nawaz Sharif [to ask for this favour], nor would the PML-N agree to such a suggestion.

Maybe the PML-N would have offered the seat to the PPP if someone else and not I were in the contest. I cannot say.

Q. Why someone else but not you?

A. Because I’m the most vocal critic of the ruling party in the province.

Q. The process of Senate elections was marred by allegations of rigging, especially in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan. What is your assessment about Punjab?

A. I don’t think the polling process in Punjab was transparent enough. The ruling party did what it did to ensure the victory of all its candidates. The N-League leadership put pressure on its members to win all seats. Still some 11 ruling party members voted for me. It betrays existence of a deep rift within the PML-N. These fissures will deepen and become more obvious closer to the next general elections.

Q. Why has the PPP shunned popular politics?

A. The PPP hasn’t shunned popular politics. We know people aren’t happy with the party because the leadership could not go to the masses owing to terrorism threats. But when our leadership goes back to the people we’ll regain the lost ground. Bilawal is coming back home by April 4, the day his grandfather was hanged by Gen Zia. We will go into the local government election with full preparation and win. Don’t doubt the popularity of the PPP in Punjab.

Q. After the 2013 elections, there were some rumours that you planned to join the PTI. Did you ever consider this?

A. Never. Those who are used to the culture of the PPP cannot adjust in any other party.


NASIR JAMAL – Published in Dawn March 10th , 2015

#PPP Karachi Gathered To Pay Tribute To Shaheed Abdullah Murad!


The workers of PPP from Karachi and district Thatta gathered to pay tribute to “Sher-e-Malir” Shaheed Abdullah Murad Baloch on his 11th death Anniversary, it was like a black day for the people of Malir because The Maliris loved Shaheed Abdullah Murad because of  his unique leadership qualities, courage, vision, and the Junoon of Bhuttoism. He really cared for the people of Malir and worked for there health, education and jobs. Indeed it was one of the greatest loss for the people of Malir and PPP, he was a true ” Bhutto Ka Sipahi “. Shaheed Abdullah Murad we will never forget you ….

It was well managed by District Malir workers and i congratulate them for that great effort. The spirit among the workers was high and the crowd was good but it was not like previous one, there are some issues in District Malir that the top leadership need to address otherwise it won’t be good for the party. Malir is the Qila-e-Bhutto and division among the workers isn’t good.

Message of Mohtarma Adee Faryall Talpur on the 11th Death Anniversary of Shaheed Abdullah Murad!


few clicks from the Barsi, click on the image for the slideshow!
venue: Jam Eleven Football Stadium, Jam Goth Malir, Karachi

‘Dissension within ‘N’ stands exposed’

khursheed shah

◘  dictatorial mindset of PMLN leadership
◘  11 PML-N members did not vote for the party candidates
◘  PML-N leadership should learn politics from Asif Ali Zardari
◘  PML-N Government should revisit its anti-people policies
◘  The PML-N leadership needs to give respect to its members.



Pakistan Peoples Party: News updates

Jeay Bhutto, Aik Zardari sab pe bhari slogans in Punjab Assembly. Jeay Bhutto, Aik Zardari sab pe bhari slogans in Punjab Assembly.
LAHORE: PPP leaders said on Thursday a good number of PML-N MPAs in Senate election in Punjab had revolted against the “dictatorial mindset” of their leadership by not casting vote in favour of party candidates.

Some 11 PML-N members did not vote for the party candidates. Instead they preferred to give vote to the PPP and PML-Q joint candidate, Nadeem Afzal Chan.

“Today a good number of PML-N MPAs expressed their distrust in their leadership by not casting votes in favour of party candidates. It shows the Sharifs are not running the party democratically,” PPP’s central Punjab president Manzoor Wattoo told Dawn.

Take a look: PPP, PML-Q make last-minute effort for Chan’s Senate bid

He said the PML-N leadership should learn politics from Asif Ali Zardari. “In the Senate election, the PPP made alliance with the MQM, PML-Q, ANP…

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Highlights of Senate Election 2015: PPP moves ECP against PML-N’s ‘violation’ of Senate polls code

◘ harassed MPAs to procure votes in their favor.
◘ ruling party was compelling the voters to carry their mobile phones or spy cameras for taking pictures of their ballots papers after marking
◘ threatening the MPAs on the pretext that with help of hidden and security cameras
◘ threats and illegal acts will account as violation of Article 226


Aitzaz declares Presidential Ordinance illegal for Senate elections and said that

  • The  government did not demonstrate the seriousness pertaining to Senate elections, the government’s bad intentions have been revealed

Opposition Leader in Senate Aitzaz Ahsan  


The Sane Voices !















khursheed shah

Highlights of the past Senate Elections when #PPP was in charge.




Pakistan Peoples Party: News updates

Ahead of Senate elections, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has allegedly started harassing MPAs to procure votes in their favour, stated an application submitted with Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) by Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) candidates; Nadeem Afzal Chan, Malik Nosher Khan, Anjum Langerial and Mrs Sarwat Malik.

They stated in the application that ruling party was compelling the voters to carry their mobile phones or spy cameras for taking pictures of their ballots papers after marking the same.

“Moreover, the ruling party is also threatening the MPAs on the pretext that with help of hidden and security cameras, the whole secret process of voting would be monitored closely, and in case of failure to cast vote as per wishes of ruling party, the MPAs would have to face severe consequences,” they said, adding that such threats and illegal acts will not only undermine the sanctity of Senate election through secret…

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Four years on & we must not forget #ShaheedShahbazBhatti sacrificed his life fighting for Equality & Justice. Marsu Marsu Jinnah ka Pakistan na daisu