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Trust the Process!

Dear Me!
slow down.
calm down.
don’t worry.
don’t hurry.
trust the process.



courtesy: AZGirlDiary

Nasty Words …

nasty words

Yes it’s true we often forget the nasty blows but we rarely forget the nasty words,so we should always use words carefully, such manners will help in living a happy life!

this creative presentation is created by the french cartoonist Muslim Show

Taught By Fish

taught by fish Bilawal Says

If you want something in life, you have to put your line in the water. When you are scared, your line is out of the water, and I promise you, no fish has jumped out of the river and put itself in your net. You have to be willing to go through what it takes to catch fish: focus, determination, form…the list goes on. Of course you will not win all the time, but if you are trying to the best of your abilities, you definitely increase your chances.

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