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Complete text of @AseefaBZ’s speech @OxfordUnion

Pakistan Peoples Party Official


I would like to begin by thanking the Oxford Union for inviting me to speak in this hallowed hall across from this beautiful portrait of my mother, Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto. During my Undergraduate years I used to attend quite a few of the socials here and it’s an honor to have finally made it up to this side of the podium. My mother spent some of her happiest times here at Oxford and it is very gracious of you to keep her memory alive at this renowned institution through events such as this one.

I would like to thank my fellow speakers, George Galloway and Aunty Victoria, for making time in their busy schedules. And I would like to thank my friends and family for joining me here today. I also would like to thank Saria Benazir for her lovely tribute to my mother.

I come today to speak…

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Bilawal Bhutto Zardari With the Hindu Community on Diwali – Video




“We all have one purpose — to give back people their rights,” the patron-in-chief says.
He goes on to say, “There are only two powers: Bhuttoism and slaves of democracy.”

“Democracy is our strength, the nation is our center of power and martyrdom is our destination,” Bilawal says.
In a jab at former dictator Pervez Musharraf, Bilawal questions Musharraf’s statement of Benazir’s rally ending before midnight.
“How did Musharraf know that the rally will end before midnight?” he asks in a veiled accusation of Musharraf being responsible for the attack.

Bilawal repeats the famous lines: “Armed men are scared of innocent girls,” while talking about the Karsaz blast.
“Suicide blasts and death penalties are only for us,” he says. “Why are suicide attacks only for us [PPP]?,” he questions rhetorically, adding that people who want to scare away PPP with these things should understand that a Bhutto does not fear anything.
“I am a rebel, I am a Bhutto,” the chairperson repeats proudly. “Bhuttosim is the chain of the whole of Pakistan.”

He asks people to remember that if there is no PPP, there will be no ray of hope in Pakistan.
“On one side there are Bhuttoists, and on the other side there are those who dance on the instructions of a third umpire.”

“Because of the 1973 charter, there is democracy in Pakistan,” he says, adding that the enemies of Bhutto and sons of Ziaul Haq take the oath of that very Constitution established by his grandfather.

“Today, there are rumors of a script because the government is helpless and people are protesting. I will tell you what the real script is,” he tells his supporters.

This script was written during Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s time,” he says, adding, “In July 1977, this script was slapped on us and then again in April 4, 1979; sometimes in the form of IJI, sometimes in Farooq Leghari’s, sometimes in Musharraf and sometimes in the bloodbath in 2007.”

“Bhuttoism is the only solution to avoid a civil war in the country,” he says, further criticising incumbent Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and questions how he could utilise all resources in curbing one sit-in.

“We [PPP] saw a Hazara community’s dharna — the only real dharna in Pakistan — but on moral grounds we dissolved our own government,” he says, questioning what the Punjab chief minister did in Model Town.


Bilawal lashes out at Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif and calls him a progeny of Zia, as he was responsible for the deaths of 14 people who were killed during the clashes in Model Town incident in Lahore.

“We had seen the protests in Quetta by the Hazara community which was against extremism. Our prime minister himself visited Quetta, and though it is possible that our governance was lacking, the prime minister was not responsible,” he says.

“But what happened in Model Town?” he asks, adding, “The chief minister, in a bid to remove barricades, killed 14 innocent people.”

“We, to assuage the wounds of the hurt, ended our provincial government, but what did you do in Punjab?” he says, hitting out at Nawaz and Shahbaz.

“The foreign minister, and other puppets, you are all responsible for the Chinese president cancelling his tour to Pakistan,” he says.

“Instead the Chinese president decided to visit India.”

“In the US, Obama hosted a state dinner for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi,  and co-authored an article with the Indian PM. On the other end is our tiger, who like a pussy cat, just drank from the cup of Biden and came back.”


Bilawal speaks about the developments brought by PPP.

“For the poor, we made housing schemes and started a youth development scheme to train the youth. We made educational institutions, and we will make more of them. We started a youth scholarship programme through which we gave over 400,000 scholarships to girls.”

“People do not see the work we have done in Sindh, because some powers do not want people to see it,” says Bilawal.
“Showing off schemes is considered as good governance. Good governance comes from serving people.”

He further adds that the PPP did not make a song and dance of terming an ordinary bus by calling it a metro bus.
In a jab at Nawaz he says, “Tomorrow you will make a rocket and call it a rocket to the moon. The amount of money India wasted on sending a rocket to mars, you wasted even more money to put out a flimsy bus service.”

“PTI wants to become the MQM of Lahore,” says the PPP chairperson.

“Today, the whole country is crying against rigging but rigging always happens against PPP. However, we did not become a part of anyone’s movement.”

“Karachi belongs to Bhutto,” he says claiming that they will cut down the kite — the symbol of the MQM.

“There are irregularities in every election. If there was rigging in Balochistan, in K-P, it was against PPP. But we did not a become part of any PNA movement.”

The patron-in-chief adds that wind power generated in sindh can provide electricity to the whole country.

“I invite the prime minister to work together towards the progress of Pakistan.”


“Family members of the missing people marched from Balochistan to Islamabad, but no one asked about them. They did not hold a concert at Aabpara Chowk, they did not demand the resignation of anyone, they did not dance on the instructions of any one but a few puppets stage a sit-in and the media raise the issue to the sky,” Bilawal says criticising the media and protesting parties.

Shifting his focus to Balochistan, Bilawal says the ‘real revolution’ is coming there.“Dr Abdul Malik, you are the first nationalist leader of Balochistan, if you can give people their rights back that will be a big step,”

he says.“On one end there is Uncle Altaf, on the other hand there are puppets in Islamabad calling for civil disobedience – who gave you that freedom,” he questions the Baloch, adding, “Bhuttoism gave you that freedom.”

“If you did not have that freedom, you too would have been killed with F-16s like Akbar Bugti.

” When I talk about Kashmir, the Modi-led Indian government talks about Balochistan.”

Raising the issue of Kashmir, Bilawal says, “When I went to help the flood affected people in Punjab and talked about Kashmir, India created an uproar and their media started a propaganda against us, because they acknowledge Bhuttoism.”

“When I talk about Kashmir, they misunderstand me. I too want peace in Kashmir. We will not hold Kashmir hostage to the peace process but we want the people of Kashmir to decide. Kashmir banega Pakistan,” the PPP chairman says.

Bilawal explains that former president General (retd) Pervez Musharraf’s operations against militants failed because the people were not behind him.

“Operations under PPP, Rah-i-Nijaat in Swat was successful because the people were behind it.”

“Operation Zarb-e-Azb is continuing and we will win,” he adds.

Once again lashing out at the PTI and PAT, Bilawal says, “When the time came to stand up with the troops against militants, people partcipating in concerts in Islamabad sat down.”

“Some people are stabbing the army in the back,” he alleges.

Urging those protesting to leave the sit-ins and support the troops, he says, “If you are afraid of the Taliban, at least go and assist in rehabilitation of the IDPs.”

Censuring PTI’s claims to end corruption in 90 days and make a ‘naya Pakistan,’ Bilawal says, “You could not even make a new K-P, let alone a new Pakistan.”

Hitting out at PM Nawaz, Bilawal says that the problem with the Nawaz-led government is that Zia’s spirit has infused their governance and urges them to adopt Bhuttoism.

“Prime minister, Punjab CM, you have the government, judges are your own, officials are in your pocket, so why can you not deliver? The farmer of central punjab is hungry, industries are closed, kidnappings are common, police is the enemy of the people, everywhere there are Gullu Butts.”

“We will hold a convention of PPP in Bilawal House Lahore on November 30. We will hear what each and everyone of you have to say about the reorganisation of PPP. You will talk and we will listen,” Bilawal says.
“To hunt a lion, you use an arrow, not a bat,” the PPP chairman says patronising PTI’s protests in the capital.

Concluding his speech, Bilawal thanked all his supporters for attending the rally and continued chanting



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